Managing WinHPP Server using PowerShell


Run PowerShell as administrator, goto the directory of the winhpp_101.msi file and type:

msiexec /i winhpp_101.msi /quiet /L winhpp_101.txt

You can view the log file "winhpp_101.txt" of the installation to see if the installation succeeded.

Setting up the server

To manage WinHPP Server using PowerShell, version 1.0.1 is required.

Now you should initialize the PostgreSQL database. In PowerShell (run as administrator), type:

cd C:\winhpp\
Start-Process winhpp initdb password

Next, you should install and start the HTTP and PostgreSQL services.

Start-Process winhpp install
Start-Process winhpp start

To see if everything worked, use the following command (it will show the content of the winhpp.log file).

Get-Content winhpp.log
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